Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rooftop Solar Potential of Southwestern University: LiDAR application to Solar Mapping.

Ben Parafina and M. Anwar Sounny-Slitine

Southwestern University is one of the highest rated campuses for sustainability according the College Sustainability Report by the Sustainable Endowments Institute. Thanks to student efforts over 90% of the Universities energy comes from wind power and the school has reduced building energy consumption through energy management systems, building metering, and light sensors. Photovoltaics could potentially further offset Southwestern’s energy usage. Previous studies on campus have studied the effectiveness of single Photovoltaic cells, but not for the entire campus. Widespread use of Photovoltaics across campus could potentially provide a significant source of onsite energy. This study uses LiDAR and GIS to estimate the solar potential of the Southwestern Campus rooftops and aid in development plans for continued sustainability.

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