Thursday, January 9, 2014

Does The Unmet Need For Contraceptives Have A Relationship With Abortion Rates?

Emily Pawelek, Environmental Studies Program

Many women all over the world feel as if their families are contributing to the statistics of  unmet need for contraceptives. The unmet need of contraceptives refers to the number of women who wish to limit childbearing but do not use any contraceptive device or technique. Unwanted pregnancies resulting from the unmet need often lead to abortions, whether legal or unsafe. Unsafe abortions are usually self-inflicted or not done by a trained professional, often causing death of the woman. Using global data sets from UNdata, a branch of the United Nations Statistics Division, the unmet need for contraceptives and the sum of legal and unsafe abortions will be compared against each other. Once this is completed, there will be evidence whether or not the two statistics correlate with each other and whether that correlation is positive or negative. This data will be mapped graphically on a global scale and presented with information on each country represented in the data. 

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