Thursday, January 9, 2014

Creating Optimal Housing Locations for United States Elderly

Isabella Vargas, Environmental Studies Program

This study focused on the distribution of the elderly population within the city of the top three ranked geriatric hospital departments. The locations of these hospitals were New York City, Los Angeles, and Baltimore. The hospital site was layered, using ArcMap10, with the census data of elderly populations within the respective city. By seeing whether the population of people living close to the hospital had a higher density of elderly people, than that of the rest of the city, Ms. Vargas was able to determine if the hospitals acted as a magnet for the elderly. If so, the ten mile area around the hospital is an optimal area for which the elderly can find comfortable housing, and a community of similar people. With this information, elderly people looking to move can feel safe knowing that they are in an area surrounded by people their age and close to a top ranked hospital, should they have an emergency.

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