Thursday, January 9, 2014

Say Yes to Sports!

Jeff Romine, Environmental Studies Program

Where in United States is there the biggest untapped potential for a sport team/fan base?  Sports teams help define the meaning of a place and its surrounding community, and in order to understand the impact sports has on regional identity Mr. Romine will map out area with high sports demands, but no sport market. He plans on showing areas of the United States which do not have a sports team, but according to demographic statistics on who likes sports, he would then be able to show areas that do in fact have a potential market. By taking a list of professional baseball teams and making a map displaying them, Mr. Romine can then use spatial analysis to display areas that don't have a team, but would benefit in having one. Some of the future implications for researching a topic like this is that it can be used to show results of possible economic development, or health/moral research.

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