Monday, January 27, 2014

Fire in the Brazilian Amazon

Fire in the Brazilian Amazon: A Spatially Explicit Model for Policy Impact Analysis 

Arima, Eugenio. Simmons, Cynthia. Walker, Robert. Cochrane, Mark. Fire in the Brazilian Amazon: A Spatially Explicit Model for Policy Impact Analysis. JOURNAL OF REGIONAL SCIENCE, VOL. 47, NO. 3, 2007, pp. 541–567.

This article was about fires in the Amazon having an effect on the prices of beef and soy. The more fires there were, the higher beef and soy prices raised. However, the article "implements a spatially explicit model to estimate the probability of forest and agriculture fires in the Brazilian Amazon." These researchers focused on the environmental destruction and effects of these wild. They also took into account how infrastructure effected wild fires. They found that the more roads and other infrastructure that was built, the less farmers slash and burn techniques were taking its toll on the environment. 

The conducted multiple simulations and to predict future fire vulnerability in the Amazon. Their results led to public policy implementations because they found that the occurrence of fire was highly correlated with economic variables. 

I got excited when I saw this picture because it looked like the first map we made in class. I like seeing it applied in the real world. This was a basic map of the regions that fires were most susceptible to.   

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