Monday, November 11, 2013

Georgetown City Park Locations Compared to Median Household Income Values

Want to go outside and play? Find a park, Georgetown is full of them. In fact, there are 30 city parks total.  Referring to the Georgetown Parks website, I plotted the location of 28 out of 30 city parks. Then, I used Fact Finder on the Census website to map out reported median incomes in Williamson County. There is a higher density of parks in the lowest income bracket in Georgetown. The middle brackets have few parks. The upper middle class has many parks separated by at least a mile. The upper class subdivision does not have any public parks.

Notice, each income level is distinctly separated in Georgetown. The highest income level lies farthest away from the downtown, while the lowest income levels are nearest the downtown. Parks may be more prevalent in lower income areas because there is a higher need, whereas upper class subdivisions tend to have larger private yards. More, the low income sector in Georgetown also overlaps the historic district. Perhaps, the parks were built first and as development spreads north, there are fewer parks being built.
This map focuses on the amount of elderly, ages 65 and up in Georgetown, TX. Each dot indicates 5 elderly. From the map, one can see the area of Sun City, located down Willams drive, south Willamson county down I-35, and east near Hutto have dense amounts of elderly in the area. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

GTography: Breakfast Tacos in Georgetown, Texas

Texas is known for serving delicious breakfast tacos, especially in the Austin/Georgetown area. This map displays all of the restaurants that serve breakfast tacos in Georgetown. I used to find the addresses, uploaded them onto, and created a map displaying the locations. The map shows an interesting clustering of restaurants right off of highway I-35, and also on the main streets that lead to I-35. The clustering in these areas probably occur because people would rather stop somewhere on route to their workplace, rather than go completely out of their way, when commuting to work. 

Abstract: Correlations Between SAT Scores and Potential Influential Factors

High school students must take the SAT and/or ACT before applying to college in the United States. SAT and ACT scores are considered important in determining a student’s acceptance to their desired school. However, some may argue that these standardized tests may be biased, and influenced by factors other than a student's abilities in math, reading, and writing. For example, does the parental status of the student (e.g. divorced, married, single) have any correlation with the scores? In this project, the Texas Education Agency's annual report on college admissions testing for high school seniors in public schools was used to create a visual representation of SAT combination reading and writing scores across the state. In order to create a map with an uninterrupted range of scores, versus simply an accumulation points, the data was interpolated. Statistical analyses compared the scores to important factors such as race and ethnicity, household income, parental status, etc. These analyses revealed significant correlations between SAT scores and the above factors, suggesting that the scores may not be an accurate assessment of student's math, reading, and writing scores.