Friday, February 24, 2017

Tweet Me Your Talk: Geographical Learning and Knowledge Production 2.0

This article addresses the change in the way individuals process information and how it relates to geography. Instead of decoding complex, dense facts while reading, short attention spans require information to be inputted in a different way. Individuals now require short, “updates” of information, re-energizing individuals to the knowledge and allowing them to synthesize bits of information in an effective way. Geographically speaking, we may be less inclined to notice evolutionary and geographic changes. Instead of taking a “big picture” approach to geography, we are more apt at noticing emergencies. The hope is that the short attention span of contemporary society does not negatively affect geographic and evolutionary information.

Schuurman, N. (2013). Tweet me your talk: geographical learning and knowledge production 2.0. The Professional Geographer, 65(3), 369-377.

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