Monday, February 6, 2017

A "Neogographical Education"?

Neogeographical education in schools, is this something that is beneficial or feasible? What even is neogeography, and how can it have an impact in education? Well, neogeography links the science of geography, and the digital arts together. This form of geography can enhance any ordinary geography class, put a digital art spin on it, and produce an understanding of geography that educators could only dream for their students.

Features like: visual artwork, texts, satellite imagery and mental maps can all funnel into neogeography. When the students start to create images and maps all of these can easily play an important role in the creation of a beautiful map. This type of geography will can ultimately impact the education system as it takes all different, modern,  sources and you can use them to contextualize a digital map. But not only does neogeography take in more modern approaches of information, it can also aid in the production of a more digital database of information and collaboration.

In conclusion, neogeography is on the not so far horizon. It is still to new to have a definitive answer if its worth using in the educational system or not. But it could very well become the geography of the future, as we keep taking strides in moving into the digital world.

Papadimitriou, F. (2010). A “neogeographical education”? The geospatial web, GIS and digital art in adult education. International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education19(1), 71-74.


  1. I feel this would have an interesting impact on education and might give students a new way to understand geography, contrary to interpreting a dated map in a text book.

  2. I think allowing art to connect with geography only furthers both disciples. We have already seen in this class that creating maps has a very strong art aspect to it and the disciplines work together very well to help one another. I believe the connection between the two will only grow stronger, benefiting both sides.