Monday, February 20, 2017

PASSaGE: Pattern Analysis, Spatial Statistics and Geographic Exegesis. Version 2

PASSaGE 2 is the second version of a spatial relation software that enhances the way to graphically show data for GIS. With software for spatial analysis lagging or becoming severley outdated, PASSaGE 2 is able to combat these struggles and help advance GIS further. The software excels in spatial analysis, printing maps like the one below to show a polygon map of Europe and the 355 cancer registration centers and there distance form each other.

The advanced interface for this software should push spatial analysis work further much faster and more efficient than before. This software allows for a more detailed and diagnosed maps that further the work done by this field.

Rosenberg, M. S., & Anderson, C. D. (2011). PASSaGE: pattern analysis, spatial statistics and geographic exegesis. Version 2. Methods in Ecology and Evolution2(3), 229-232.


  1. Now I wonder how long it takes before PASSaGE 3 comes out...

    1. Maybe a study will come out mapping the availability and spread of PASSage 3