Monday, February 8, 2016

Strengthening the GIS Profession

The field of Geographical Information Systems is ever-growing at technology continues to develop. For GIS professionals, the solidification of a firm definition for what qualifies as a GIS profession has proven beneficial. The benefits provided by an outlined definition of the field include easier access to appropriate technology and certifications that carry weight. Recently, the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA) created a system to categorize different subsections within GIS to provide a rough estimate for how many professionals might be found in the GIS workforce. Although the estimated number accounts for potential overlap, the projected number is impressive: around 425,000 individuals were estimated to work in the GIS profession in 2010, and 150,000 more are expected by 2020.

 A specialized test was developed to check competency in the field that will allow future generations of GIS workers to have a certification with more meaning. In addition, more and more colleges and universities are developing degree plans around Geographical Information Systems, with a particular interest in the professional ethics and morals of the discipline.The field is young, but has extensive potential for growth and contribution.

DiBiase, D., Goranson, C., Harvey, F., & Wright, D. (2009, November). Strengthening the GIS Profession.

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