Monday, February 8, 2016

Locating farmers’ markets with an incorporation of spatio-temporal variation

With an increase in the amount of people that are health conscious or “green”, more of the population are looking for high-quality and environment-friendly foods. This has lead to a surge of consumers’ interest for locally grown food and farmers’ markets. But, many small scale growers are still unable to attend farmers’ markets with time constraints and trivial travel. Using GIS and spatio-temporal variation the authors of the journal mapped out high population areas, and attempted to evenly space out farmers’ markets in order to find a more efficient way to support local grown foods, while also limiting travel distances.

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  1. Was the area at the bottom outside of the county boundaries? I wonder why there are no potential or suggested farmer markets in that area whatsoever even though there seem to be a high population density. Would it have something to do instead with land use or net income?