Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Usability Study on Different Visualization Methods of Crime Maps

Crime mapping has become one of the most common uses of GIS, and for good reason this is one of GIS’ most useful applications. This study set out to answer a few questions. The first question is how GIS methods can be applied to help visualize crime data through modeling, and how well people can define differences according to the classifications on the map. The second question is whether or not cartograms can give good representations of crime data. The study took place and focused on a Hungarian city that averaged between six and seven thousand crimes per year. The results were that they found that cartograms could indeed be good solutions to modeling crime data.

Podor, A. (2015). Usability Study on Different Visualization Methods of Crime Maps. International Journal of Geoinformatics11(4).

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  1. Crime mapping is obviously an important process that government uses to asses the safety of cities, but we must be weary of such a process because it seems that criminal statistics can be easily altered. Having accurate crime maps that are observed appropriately (analyzing socio-economic factors, etc.) is just as important as creating the map itself.