Wednesday, May 4, 2016

GTography: Independent Mexican & Italian Restaurants in Georgetown, TX.

Georgetown certainly has no dearth of independent restaurants to eat at! Two of the most popular cuisines in Georgetown are Italian and Mexican. This map shows the independent (that is, not chains) locations of restaurants throughout the town. There are considerably more Mexican restaurants than Italian ones. Surprisingly, more restaurants hover around I-35 instead of downtown.


  1. Being in georgetown for going on 4 years, I wonder how much of this is contributed to the racial populations surrounding the area? It would be cool to overlap this map with a racial dot map to see if the population of the city has any affect on the restaurants.

  2. Using the flag to locate those restaurants location is very creative and is easy to tell from this map that besides those restaurants near Southwestern and around town square, other restaurants are locate along I-35. Also I strongly agree the previous comment