Monday, May 23, 2016

land change

The land is going to change constantly, and whether it's a subtle change in climate or a long term effect of deforestation changes will occur everywhere. The earth's population emits a lot of greenhouse gasses and those are causing major changes that will affect many parts of the world. Areas that are affected by greenhouse gasses will become extremely hot or just hot enough to change the environment, some adaptations from this could be an extension of the land used for crops. The land changes itself are not solely dependent on the amount of carbon we produce, many of the changes that occur are because of using up a resource too quick or building on top of important parts of the ecosystem. Underdeveloped countries can be affected greatly by changes like these, due to pressures from wealthy countries and political problems many of the tropical forests are becoming destroyed with little resistance. One land use that has had great change in its time is the temperate forests, the united states and Europe both used almost all available resources to become wealthy and have hurt the ecosystem terribly. The land use of many well developed countries has been shifted to suit more densely populated areas with food and water able to be brought in. The changing in environments have less of an effect on many well developed places due to the wealth that can support them. Changes in land are going to happen at a faster rate than normal due to human activity and can even be “controlled” by big spending and politics.

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  1. What are some of the alternatives to using products that emit greenhouse gases, and how available are those to the countries that are being affected the most (the more underdeveloped ones)? It seems that while those are the countries with the greatest need for an alternative, they are the ones least likely to receive one.