Thursday, September 3, 2015

Natural disasters do not affect people in the same ways. For some people natural disasters can destroy their whole lives.  For example many people after hurricane forced to move from their hometown of New Orleans and start lives in Houston and other neighboring cities. For others, natural disasters may not cause them to lose anything. What people do not look at is the affects that natural disasters have on other factors like the effect on gender population. In this case from 1981-2002 this case study looks at the effect natural disasters have on deaths of men verse women, the gender gap differences after natural disasters, and if women in higher socioeconomic death rates are higher or lower.

 In this case between 1981 and 2002 they have found three important topics. First, natural disasters tend to kill more men than women. Because of that the life expectancy gap tends to shrink after a natural disaster. Secondly, in the case we learn that the stronger the natural disaster is, the more effect it has on the life expectancy of men and women. Lastly, this case study shows that women in higher socioeconomic class have less of a death rate and a weaker effect on the life expectancy gap. 

Neumayer, E., & Plümper, T. (2007). The gendered nature of natural disasters: The impact of catastrophic events on the gender gap in life expectancy, 1981–2002. Annals of the Association of American Geographers97(3), 551-566.


  1. I think the table included (1981-2002) should also include where this study took place. I wasn't sure if the table was still referring to New Orleans or if it focused on a different area, like the whole world.
    In addition it'd be super interesting to go in depth as to why natural disasters kill more men than women. A follow up study would be great to include or read as to why that phenomena occurs. Maybe because more rescue workers for natural disasters are men?

  2. It is interesting that natural disasters tend to kill more men than women. It would interesting to hear which natural disasters kill more men than women and why that might be for each one. I wonder if location has something to do with it.

  3. I wonder if natural disasters tend to kill more men than women because of a higher population of men in the area or if the ratio between men and women are equal.