Friday, September 11, 2015


When I first moved to Georgetown in August of 2014, I was constantly looking for places where I would be able to run without being on the street by cars. I used’s streetmap in order to find the location of the best parks in Georgetown, TX. Even though many locations came up, I excluded RV parks and parks outside of Georgetown, as they did not fit my running needs. I inserted the data into and labelled the points. I included the dog park, because I believe you could run there due to the grass and open space sectioned off for dogs. The data shows that there are a cluster of parks near Southwestern, and near downtown, and I believe this is where more people congregate in Georgetown. Therefore, there would be more business at these parks as they are close to where people live and work. The outlier parks, such as Berry Springs Park, would also be good to visit as you could get away from the most popular parks and they would possibly be visited by less people. This would give you more room to run, and less chance of running into people and having to slow down when running.

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