Monday, February 2, 2015

Brief description of Land-Change Science and Political Ecology

        Land change science and political ecology are different ideas that have evolved over time but share similarities at the same time. Although they are different and similar at the same time, they have grown to support one another. Land-change science(LCS) and political ecology (PE) are both relevant to sustainability of the environment. LCS and PE have emerged through a series of anthropological and cultural beliefs that reside upon consideration of the environment and have developed  over time to become useful within GIS.

Land change science, as well as Political Ecology are connected to cultural and human ecology, however LCS focuses more within international science research framework that questions. Political Ecology, on the other hand, focuses on a range of human environment problems beyond land-change. SO in other words, Land change science is the first step in handling spatial themes such as change in land, and the Political Ecology goes beyond the environment and handles the social aspects and changes that land change causes.

Political Ecology and Land change science are important to GIS because they work together to focus of social changes that are caused because of changes within the environment.

Turner, B. L., & Robbins, P. (2008). Land-change science and political ecology: similarities, differences, and implications for sustainability science. Annual review of environment and resources33, 295-316.


  1. It is very true that in environmental studies we have to focus on both environmental issues as well as political ones. Anthropogenic issues are the leading causes of many environmental problems and the only way to solve most of those problems is through policy and international agreements. And in order to solve the issues politically, we must have a knowledge of how the environment functions and how we have negatively impacted it.

  2. You cant ignore the fact that the environmental issues are directly related to social and political aspects. Both LCS and PE deal with cultural and human effects on the environment, but LCS focus' more on the effect on the land and changes in the land. As the person above noted, you can not fully comprehend one aspect of ecology without learning about the other.