Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Land use in Belize

In this article the author explores deforestation in Belize and the impact that road making has on the landscape and development of the country. Roads are what allow access to remote forests in the country and they do not always lead to the most efficient use of the land. The author suggests that is GIS methods were put into use by the people making the road then the land could be use more efficiently. By studying the land through the use of GIS it is more likely that road planners would have a better idea of what resources these roads may lead to so that trees are not needlessly cut down in vain. By planning out the use of land spatially and in the context of the environment, rather than just clear cutting a road, there can be a cut down on unneeded loses.

By following the model of von Thiinen and the equations that can better determine the cost and benefits of land use we can put value to the land so that a plot of land is used to its best economic and environmental potential. Methods like this and GIS can be used to better plan out the use of land not only in Belize but really anywhere there is land to be developed.

Chomitz, Kenneth M., and David A. Gray. "Roads, Land Use, and Deforestation: A Spatial Model Applied to Belize." Oxford University Press, n.d. Web.

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  1. It is interesting to see that using GIS to map roads can help determine factors of deforestation. This is very similar to the article Ranching and the new global range: Amazônia in the 21st century where the expansion of the road systems created more cattle ranches that in turn caused deforestation.