Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Links in Diabetes Rate Among Mexican American
Mexican Americans are more likely to have diabetes than any other ethnic group in the United States. Many believe that this is because the disease is genetic but may in part be due to the lower economic status of this ethnic group. Many cannot afford the decent health care that can identify early warning signs of diabetes and they do not get treatment right away.

Using GIS we can conclude that many of the clusters of diabetes form near the border to Mexico. The correlation between higher risks of diabetes and these areas is due largely to the socioeconomic status. Many Mexican Americans living along border towns are not wealthy and therefore cannot afford proper medical care. It can be seen that with better medical care comes less cases of diabetes among Mexican Americans. People who can afford the better medical care will be healthier and it shows among this particular group of people. This data can be useful for government agencies wishing to release funds for better medical care among struggling communities.

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