Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Swine Flu 2010
When the Swine Flu (H1N1) outbreak occurred in 2009 many people feared this outbreak. But by using GIS techniques scientists could be able to better watch out for an outbreak and know how to react when such a case happens. In Brownsville Texas GIS data is used to track past information about outbreaks of diseases from previous years. They can use this data to identify clusters where the disease may have sprung from or where it began spreading. If a certain disease is spreading rapidly in one specific area consistently, there may be some reason for this.

After you get a general feel for where and how severely specific influenza type diseases like ILI, RIDT, and S-OIV spread in a town like Brownsville, you can compare this to a new disease like Swine Flu and get a general idea for where your front line defenses should be. By mapping out specific danger zones you can actually be better prepared for when a major disease hits a city. When Swine Flu hit the city of Brownsville the city officials had a better idea of where care for the disease would be necessary and that way they were better prepared.

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