Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Global Impact of Land-Use Change

This article is about why there has been an increase in land-use and changes in land use, as well as the effects this has on climate change. The main questions the authors set to address were:
1. How are land-use changes contributing to global environmental changes?
2. What social-economic factors determine land use, and how will they change?
3. How does land use modify processes that influence global change?
The article was published over 20 years ago now, so some the terms and information have been improved upon between the time of publishing and now, but it is still an interesting look at the way social and natural sciences can be used together to better understand the cause and impact of land use change. The authors took a good look at various land use practices and how they are influenced by people in different social contexts. The authors used this chart to better understand the relationship between people, socio-economic factors, and land use change:

Ojima, D. S. “The Global Impact of Land-Use Change.” BioScience, vol. 44, no. 5, Global Impact of Land-Cover Change, 1 May 1994, pp. 300–304. JSTOR

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