Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Late Night Dining in Georgetown, Texas

In the map above, I mapped out nine restaurants that are open after 10pm in Georgetown, Texas. I picked restaurants that are close to Southwestern's campus so that this can be helpful for Southwestern students. Late night fast food is becoming an important culture and economic aspect of life. As we continue innovating as a society, people tend to stay up later, trying to get more things done. This also is very important for a college town, because college age kids tend to be up late into the night. Late night restaurants are also important if they are close to a big highway, such as I-35, as some people travel late at night, and may get hungry and stop for food.

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  1. While this article brings up a good point. I think more could be done in the future like which restaurants are more successful possibly based on distance to the school and how late they stay open compared to others.