Saturday, April 16, 2016

Burgers vs Sanwiches: The Battle for Healthy Food

This map displays the quantity and distribution of fast food restaurants in Georgetown, TX. Specifically, this map includes seven of the most well-known burger fast food companies and two of the most well-known sandwich fast food companies. "Fast food" is defined here as food that is accessible through a drive thru and is relatively cheap compared to strictly dine-in restaurants. Restaurants were chosen based on the type of item they're most well-known for (burgers versus sandwiches). 

As is shown in the map, Georgetown residents have far more access to ‘unhealthy’ fast food than ‘healthy’ fast food. This is problematic because the U.S. struggles with obesity rates, especially among children. For people who live in poverty, fast food restaurants are often the go-to for full meals, and if these restaurants are mostly unhealthy, people's health will be damaged.

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