Monday, March 7, 2016

Lab 6 Two Georgetowns: Izzy's Top Parks in Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown is a hidden gem for outdoor loving and adventurous people. About 30 minutes from Austin, this town has all the outdoor commodities but a fraction of the population. From swimming, hiking, to laying out in the sun, these parks have it all. On this map we have Izzy Lackner's top 15 parks of Georgetown, Texas. Izzy goes to Southwestern University and is a resident of Georgetown and has spent 2 years marking down the best places to be outside. These parks are her personal favorites for outdoor fun. The parks labeled in blue are perfect for swimming since they are by water. The parks labeled in black are not recommended for water activities by Isabella Lackner.
The exact location of each park was plotted by the longitude and latitude.  Each park is no more than 3-4 miles from another park.  
I marked Southwestern University with a different color font to show a central location for any one using this map.  I go to Southwestern University and this shows the distance from where  me and other college students live in proximity to the parks. 


  1. This is an interesting and detailed map. It would be additionally interesting to find out how many of these parks are biking/walking distance from Southwestern Universities campus. The swimming accessible parks designated by the blue text are a nice touch. I wonder if any of these parks have hours of access or provide volunteer service workers for protection and preservation. Overall, this is a really neat map!

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