Monday, December 2, 2013

Abstract: Food Miles Behind Nepali Coffee

Nepal’s coffee sector has grown dramatically within the past decade and is predicted to continue expanding in the coming years. The demand for Nepali coffee in both local and international markets is increasing; Nepali coffee is steadily establishing a firmer position in the world coffee market. While some of the coffee farmers that comprise Nepal’s coffee sector operate independently, many have organized themselves into coffee cooperatives to share resources, expand market access, and secure higher premiums for their beans. The effects of these cooperatives often extend beyond coffee farming to other domains of members’ lives. With a predicted increase in coffee production and number of coffee cooperatives, it is worthwhile to evaluate how cooperatives are reshaping the lives and livelihoods of their members. By using GIS mapped out the food miles behind Nepali coffee from the farmers, to the cooperative, to the storefront, mainly using data coordinates. This research provided insight regarding the challenges for coffee farmers and the effort that is behind every cup of Nepali coffee.

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