Monday, November 11, 2013

Georgetown City Park Locations Compared to Median Household Income Values

Want to go outside and play? Find a park, Georgetown is full of them. In fact, there are 30 city parks total.  Referring to the Georgetown Parks website, I plotted the location of 28 out of 30 city parks. Then, I used Fact Finder on the Census website to map out reported median incomes in Williamson County. There is a higher density of parks in the lowest income bracket in Georgetown. The middle brackets have few parks. The upper middle class has many parks separated by at least a mile. The upper class subdivision does not have any public parks.

Notice, each income level is distinctly separated in Georgetown. The highest income level lies farthest away from the downtown, while the lowest income levels are nearest the downtown. Parks may be more prevalent in lower income areas because there is a higher need, whereas upper class subdivisions tend to have larger private yards. More, the low income sector in Georgetown also overlaps the historic district. Perhaps, the parks were built first and as development spreads north, there are fewer parks being built.

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