Monday, February 18, 2013

Application of GIS in Re-introduction of Red Deer in National Park Fruška Gora (Vojvodina, Serbia)

The Fruška Gora ecosystem places a great deal of importance on the Reintroduction of the European deer. Yet, the reintroduction process is quite expensive and complex to say the least. With the assistance of GIS paired various other tools and processes the Fruška Gora National Park was able to increase the park's red dear population from 36 to 61 in less than 1 year. This particular reintroduction project involved 3 stages (GIS was utilized in the first and third stages):  

  1. Building a shelter for the animals
  2. Acquiring and socializing individuals
  3. Monitoring the deer population

There were multiple stages involved in the creation of digital map of Fruška Gora. It should be noted that ArcGIS 9.3 was utilized in the digitalization stage of this project. The first stage consisted of collecting materials (i.e. scanning topographic maps, etc.). These scanned materials were then subjected to Georeferencing, which involved assigning geographic coordinates, a projection, and control points. Database construction was the next step in this process, followed by digitalization (the process of transferring info from a scanned to a digital format). Those involved in the project then created a digital elevation model using the database. This ultimately led to the construction of shelter for the animals after examining factors such as natural food sources, human pressure, etc.

Deer During Transport
Position of Fruška Gora Mt in Serbia
Terrain Slope in "Ravine" Shelter

It is fascinating that GIS was an essential component of this particular reintroduction process. It allows scientists and other individuals to see aspects of a particular natural environment that might otherwise go unnoticed. This is particularly important when considering the fragile nature of animal reintroduction. Keep in mind that the practices highlighted in this article can be applied to similar endeavors around the world.

Ristić, Z. Z., Marković, V. V., Barović, V. V., Ristanovic, B. B., & Marković, D. (2010). APPLICATION OF GIS IN RE-INTRODUCTION OF RED DEER IN NATIONAL PARK FRUšKA GORA (VOJVODINA, SERBIA). Geographia Technica, 9(1), 58-66.

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  1. This is such an amazing example of one of the many ways GIS can be utilized to help the advancement of science. If GIS can help deer reintroduction, then why couldn't it help our Georgetown Salamander? Or any other species, for that matter?