Friday, May 26, 2017

Summary of :Scale-Economy Conditions for Spatial Variation in Farm size
By Sent Visser
Jimmy Brymer
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This article looks at farming and how it relates to economics of scale. The article starts by discussing how there is no great body of evidence to support this idea there is an optimal farming size. He then further supports this by doing a repression model that support this idea. Since this is true he then moves forward to prove that how farming of scale works with distance to market and soil fertility affects how big the farm is. With farms closer to market and having more fertile being smaller and having less production close allowing them to be smaller but farms that are further away from market and having less fertile soils having to be bigger.


Visser, S. (1999). Scale Economy Conditions for Spatial Variation in Farm Size. Geographical Analysis: An International Journal of Theoretical geography, 27-44.


  1. There are some killer sumarization skills at work here.

  2. I am kind of confused after reading your summary or maybe it's just me. Is this article about how fertile soil is becoming rarer and thus land size for farmers doesn't matter if theres hardly any fertile soil?